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Steel Piping System20200923085821

Steel Piping System

Complete Steel Piping System for Firefighting & HVAC/Chilled water applications....
PE Piping System20200923104315

PE Piping System

Complete PE Piping System for Underground Firefighting, potable water, gas, drainage, irrigation, etc applications....
Ducts Solution20200923105340

Ducts Solution

Extended range of Fire rated ducts, coated & non coated ducts, GI ducts, aluminium ducts, and more...
Dampers & Louvers20200928053222

Dampers & Louvers

Wide range of motorised fire/smoke dampers, volume control dampers and sand trap louvers....
Passive Fire Protection20200928070851

Passive Fire Protection

Complete Fire proofing and fire stopping solution including Cementitious Coating, Intumescent Paint, Cable Coating, Duct Coat...
Valves Solution20200928071413

Valves Solution

Wide range of plumbing, CHW/HVAC valves, along with sate-of-the-art fan coil unit system......